Monument Service Company

  • conservation and restoration of works of art
  • realization and coordination of complex conservation projects
  • conservation planning and designing
  • conservation research in antique facilities
  • consulting and planning in preventive conservation
  • implementation of conservation heating systems for antique churches

The company MONUMENT SERVICE was established in 2004. The background of its founder – Marcin Kozarzewski – restorer with over 30 years of work experience – decided about the character and the range of its service. We execute conservation and restoration works on a various scale – from easel and wall paintings, polychromed sculpture to complex assignments covering historic interiors and buildings. We offers coordination and preparation of conservation-restoration projects. Our experience in conservation research and inventory is related to different types of historic objects. Since 2006 MONUMENT SERVICE co-operates with the Cultural Heritage Research Group, Institute of Catalysis and Physical Chemistry of Surface, Polish Academy of Sciences, in implementation of conservation heating system for historic churches.

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Phone number:  +48 22 723 01 87